It’s Saturday – 5 AM. We are arriving to Bratislava airport. Suddenly, one girl is running to us and saying that our flight to London has been delayed due to technical issue. We will be flying after 3 PM instead of 6:40 AM! “No!!! We will miss our flight to Azores!” I am screaming when turning to my friend which is traveling with me.  The girl is surprised – she doesn’t know where we are flying, not to London?! Azores are small islands in Atlantic ocean between Europe & America and they belong to Portugal.



We planned our weekly trip around the main island São Miguel with 9 hours stopover in London Stansted airport. With the fly tickets in our hands & with hand luggage only it was supposed to be easy. Is 9 hours enough time to catch the connection in the same airport? It seems NO!

Pressure was dizzying heights, what to do now?

  1. Ryanair Customer Service was closed at 5 AM, on Saturdays they open at 10 AM. Waiting 5 hours = incredible!
  2. In the airport nobody could tell us, whether we fly to London & when. The plane had technical issues one day before departure, but nobody from Ryanair informed us. We received information about delay 10 minutes before estimated departure – at 6:30; however everybody was already waiting in the airport…
  3. 8 people (including us) was waiting in Bratislava Airport to travel to Azores. Ryanair did not want to wait for us, so we could catch our connection in London to Azores. During the call with Ryanair, I was told that it is our responsibility that we bought tickets with them! I can’t believe my ears!

    People waiting with us at Bratislava airport

    People waiting with us at Bratislava airport

Did you know: If you fly with low cost airline like Ryanair, it guarantees that you get from destination A to B only? If you plan a transfer with them, and your flight has been delayed and you miss your flight, it’s your responsibility and you cover all expenses, not them! However, you have rights to get refunded for a delayed flight!

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Which options we had?

  • 1st option: In case of delayed flight more than 5 hours we could travel with Ryanair and ask for refund. However, in that case we flew to London and we would miss the flight to Azores. The next flight to Azores from London would be in next week when we were supposed to return from our trip…

IMPORTANT INFO: If we flew to London and we did not catch the flight to Azores, we would need to return back to Bratislava and having additional costs. For delayed flight we would get a refund – in our case 400 Eur. However, getting refund from Ryanair is not that easy. If you have time & you are patient, try it!  🙂

The flight from Bratislava to London was delayed for 9 h - we would miss the connection flight from London to Azores

The flight from Bratislava to London was delayed for 9 h – we would miss the connection flight from London to Azores

  • 2nd option: We could change dates of our flights, but we needed to fly within 14 days! However, we would cover all cost including accommodation. Unfortunately, we could not fly another day – my friend has started in new job
  • 3rd option: After 5 hours of delay we had a right not to fly and get refunded for unused flights. Ryanair told us that we will get refund for 1 flight only: Bratislava to London. The rest of unused flights & cancellation of accommodation would be our costs (without getting refunded)

Which option did we select?

We took the 3rd option – we did not fly!

The 1st option was too risky in terms of the additional costs – would Ryanair refund us? In addition, after all day at the airport we did not want to travel to London and going back to Bratislava!

Tears, disappointment, sadness, cancelled vacation, blowing money. We were returning home from the Bratislava airport…

How we managed to get all money back?

  1. I could submit a request for refund on Ryanair website, so I contacted them via chat. They received my refund of my 1st flight from Bratislava to London. I was told to contact them again when the rest of the flights will be expired. After 1 week I am contacting them again. I knew, that Ryanair told me that we will get refund for 1 flight only, but according to European Law we have right for all unused flights. On chat they are telling me that we will get all money back! Yes! 🙂
  2. We needed to cancel our accommodation. Airbnb was supposed to return 27 Eur instead of 125 Eur due to late cancellation – on date of arrival. After 3 weeks, my friend told me that she has not received any money. I am writing to Airbnb chat, telling them about our delayed flight & I am attaching the confirmation from Ryanair. This has been our first reservation done by them & we have been very disappointed with their response. I am asking for acceptance of mitigating circumstances. 20 minutes later it has been solved – they are giving us ALL MONEY BACK! 🙂

    After all everything went well!

    After all everything went well!

Summary: What to do in such situation?

  • Get to know your rights immediately after you are informed about canceled or delayed flight. You will know what options you have & what is the best one for you.
  • Don’t be scared and don’t believe to everything your airline says. They will try to discourage you not to ask your money back. It works! Most of passengers do not ask for refund – but you should!

Have you experienced the same situation? What did you do? Have you managed to get refund for your canceled or delayed flight? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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