To all my dear friends I met in Sicily

Today is exactly one year, when I came to Sicily to study Italian. It was one of my best experiences I have ever had! Here is the list why:


The reason why I came to Sicily was to improve my level of Italian. I am student of Intituto Italiano di Cultura di Bratislava, and I received the scholarship in Federico II Scuola di lingua e cultura italiana in Catania.

The teachers in open atmosphere are incredibly friendly. The school offers many cultural activities where you learn about Sicilian culture and history. And the cooking lessons are the best!

Every week their students try new recipes from Sicily and preparation of yummy dinner with that entire people is fun. Do not miss this chance to pick up some Italian words by taking a course!

Studying Italian in Federico II Scuola di lingua e cultura italiana in Catania was fun!


Sicily is one of the most beautiful places with various opportunities to do or to see.

You can hike on Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, lying on the beach, exploring the history with mix of cultures, get out of civilization in the middle of island.

There are unlimited options to discover the island. Sicily isn’t one the most crowded islands, take advantage of that, and book your flight ticket as soon as possible!

Stunning view from Erice to Monte Cofano

Stunning view from Erice to Monte Cofano


There are many options where to have fun in Sicily. Locals love to hang out with their friends, they sit outside with drinks, and they go to restaurants, bars or clubs.

In Catania, the second biggest city in Sicily, the main clubs and bars are located near Piazza Vincenzo Bellini besides Teatro Massimo Bellini.

During summer parties are also on the beaches. You will not get bored for sure; you will always meet someone new!

Hanging out and having fun with friends in Sicily


Could I show you better argument about delicious food in Sicily than I put on weight 5 kilograms during a few weeks in Sicily only?

I came there with a good shape as I was running almost every day, but I could not say NO to all that fresh food from markets, to pizza after 1 AM or to Italian ice cream, to pasta, to all kind of cakes or to cappuccino.

I took hundreds of photos about Sicilian food, and I personally think that their cuisine is one of the best in the world! Get ready for it!

The best food in the world is Sicilian


Oh, this is the best part! I can not express myself, how many wonderful people I met there! Sicilians are really open, friendly and welcoming, and you easily make new friends.

In addition, you can meet many other nationalities from all around the world. I guarantee that you will never be alone!

My dear friends from all around the world I met in Catania

Lots of love, hugs and kisses to all my friends I met during Sicily: “Guys, I miss you so much!” :*

Have you been to Sicily in Italy? What is your list of the best things to do or see? Share your experience in the comments below!


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